Valres Swiss Residential Fund renamed Valres Suisse Romande Fonds (VSRF)

A new name to reaffirm its roots in French-speaking Switzerland

Geneva, 22 October 2018

Founded in Geneva in 2014, Valres Fund Management SA became a key player in the Canton and has gradually expanded its activities throughout French-speaking Switzerland, acquiring properties in the Cantons of Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel and Jura.

In agreement with FINMA, and as part of a partial redefinition of its strategy, more open to commercial real estate, Valres is pleased to announce that the Valres Swiss Residential Fund has been renamed Valres Suisse Romande Fonds since 18 October 2018.

This development will make it possible to put a significant number of funds on the market and to offer the investors an optimal segmentation in French-speaking Switzerland.


Valres Fund Management SA – About the fund management company

VALRES Fund Management SA is a real estate fund management company incorporated under Swiss law, duly approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) since 2014. Supported by real estate and financial professionals, the ambition of VALRES is to develop and offer its investors a range of real estate funds including the Valres Suisse Romande Fonds (VSRF).

VALRES (for Valuing Responsibility) incorporates a responsible approach to the management of a real estate portfolio into its principles: economically, with the search for a long-term sustainable return, socially by integrating the relationship with the tenants and environmentally, with the systematic quest to optimize the energy efficiency of the real estate stock under its management. Such an approach requires a highly proactive management of its properties. In addition, as a fully independent fund management company, dedicated solely to real estate assets, Valres Fund Management SA may act over the long term, managing the entire value chain in the exclusive interests of its investors.


Johny Rodrigues

COO Director