The company

VALRES – Valeurs responsables.

Who are we?

VALRES Fund Management SA (hereinafter referred to as VALRES) is a real estate fund management company incorporated under Swiss law, duly approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) since 2014.

Supported by real estate and financial professionals, VALRES’s ambition is to develop and offer its investors a range of regulated thematic real estate funds including the VALRES Suisse Romande Fonds.

VALRES, standing for Valeurs Responsables (responsible values), incorporates a responsible approach to the management of a real estate portfolio into its principles, both economically, with the search for a long-term sustainable return, and environmentally, with the systematic quest to optimise the energy efficiency of the real estate under its management.

This approach requires a highly proactive management of its properties. In addition, as a fund management company dedicated solely to real estate assets, VALRES Fund Management SA may act over the long term, managing the entire value chain in the exclusive interests of its investors.