Acquisition of the Valres Suisse Romande Fonds by a company within the J. Safra Sarasin Group, and voluntary liquidation of the fund management company Valres Fund Management SA

Geneva, February 1, 2019 – As indicated in the press release dated December 7, 2018, the Swiss real estate fund Valres Suisse Romande Fonds, currently administrated and managed by Valres Fund Management SA, will be transferred to a fund management company included in the scope of consolidated supervision of the J. Safra Sarasin Group, which will administer and manage the fund.

In this context, Valres Fund Management SA announces that it has been put into voluntary dissolution and liquidation. BDO Ltd has been appointed as liquidator and a new highly qualified board has been elected (Chairman: Edgar Brandt; vice-chairman: Gerhard Niggli), in place of the previous one.

The transfer of Valres Suisse Romande Fonds will be performed after receiving FINMA’s approval. A new press release will be published at the appropriate time.

Valres Fund Management SA has decided to issue this press release in order to ensure equal treatment of all investors in Valres Suisse Romande Fonds, whose shares are listed on the SIX.